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Furst Technologies Ltd

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Furst Technologies Ltd

Furst Technologies:

Founded in 2020 by Conrad, Furst Technologies emerged from a vision to innovate the water supply industry. Recognising the pressing need to mitigate disruptions affecting water supplies, we embarked on a journey to develop groundbreaking solutions for water utilities.

Furst's flagship products, MoWBi and ToWBi, are the result of extensive research and development. These solutions are designed to maintain pressurised water supply during emergencies and planned maintenance, minimising the economic impact on water utilities while maximising customer satisfaction.

Powered by patent-pending "green energy" technologies, MoWBi and ToWBi represent a paradigm shift in portable water supply systems. Capable of delivering water at up to 6Bar working pressure without the need for external power, our products ensure regulatory compliant water.

MoWBi, originally conceived from a humble concept, has evolved into an industry game-changer. Addressing the challenge of interrupted water supply, MoWBi provides a transportable water system that is both easily deployable and hygienic, with its insulated, hermetically sealed chamber ensuring the integrity of stored water.

Meanwhile, ToWBi caters to larger applications, offering a modular format design capable of delivering large volumes of water at high pressure. Developed to meet the demands of commercial enterprises and multi-property developments, ToWBi complements MoWBi's individual residential solutions.

Our commitment to quality and innovation extends beyond product development. Furst Technologies operates with a focus on customer satisfaction, regulatory compliance, and environmental responsibility. With tangible benefits ranging from improved CEMEX scores to reduced environmental impact, our solutions offer tangible value to businesses across the water utility sector.

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Unit 10
Martland Mill
Mart Lane
L40 0SD
United Kingdom
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