Stand: G54
  • Asset management
  • Electric Vehicles
  • Workforce mobile technology
  • AI/Decision Support/Analytics software
  • Health/safety/personal protection
  • Transmission & distribution infrastructure
  • Assets
  • Customer Service
  • Field Operations
  • Smart Meters
  • Energy Flexibility and Smart Networks
  • Keynote Plenary Session - Achieving Net Zero Targets
  • Smart Water Networks

Vyntelligence provides category-defining Digital Solutions for transforming complex Analog Work. It gets the work done - simply, quickly, and effectively - helping to achieve sustainable innovation. We empower your frontline workers, customers and back-office personnel to make early decisions using Smart data capture and AI-powered insights using our pioneering SmartVideoNotes. Our patented AI-driven technology is designed to enable businesses to rapidly deploy new and differentiated solutions with an eye for outcomes.


United Kingdom


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  • Remote Work Assurance

    04 May 2022 Vyntelligence
    Delivering x10 disruptive innovation in 10 weeks! Vyn SmartVideoNotes enable your field service teams with the ability to assure quality and safety of works, remotely . Ensure your distributed teams w ...
  • Efficient Customer Engagement

    04 May 2022 Vyntelligence
    Simplify capture, intelligently enhance your data and improve the customer experience with Vyn SmartVideNotes. Customers can easily report issues by capturing rich data through our smart, structured v ...
  • Speaking on the occasion of the Inspire Online Learning Series, August 31, 2021, organised by AWA, Nigel Watson shares the benefits of smart video to accelerate digitisation of a range of field-based ...
  • Keeping your workforce safe on site is obviously paramount, but with limited visibility on the ground, how can this be managed? Build a proactive safety culture, by enabling your experts in the field ...
  • Vyn digital ‘eyes and ears’ enable timely actions for your operations with early 360° visibility.
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