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Women's Utilities Network

Women's Utilities Network

WUN was started in 2018 when a group of likeminded women, working in utilities, united around a common cause. The five founders were not only passionate about the industry they worked in, but also passionate about the contribution women were making and could continue to make in the future.

The Utilities sector still lacks diversity and with many women still being underrepresented. In 2022, we have made progress in many ways, but in the work place we are yet to see true equality and diversity, especially in the Utilities Sector. You can see evidence of that in the sector demographics published by Energy & Utility Skills  Women make up 19% of the workforce and many other minorities don’t even make it into double digit numbers so WUN continues in its mission.

As a group we know that this won’t change, if we don’t do something about it and at WUN we are passionate about building a community of women who can connect, support, develop and encourage one another.

WUN has now created quite a movement. With over 4,400 member and followers and providing a variety events for members to attend as well as a free mentoring service.

Listen to the podcast with Angela Peart & Hayley Monks on why they were founding member of this movement.



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