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Utility Week Live
18 Dec 2017

Aerial Crane

  • Aerial Crane
  • Aerial Crane
  • Aerial Crane
Aerial Crane Aerial Crane Aerial Crane

We operate the UK's largest on shore fleet of helicopters all of which can be equipped for the specialist task of lifting and carrying underslung loads.

Our lifting capability provides practical, solutions for engineering, construction and transportation projects in both remote and urban locations. In a wide range of environments and industries, aerial lifting has proven to be a cost-effective and efficient solution.  We are specialists in developing new techniques to extend the limits of aerial lifting. We work with our clients to create project-specific solutions to complex lifting challenges. Our expert team leads the UK in resolving aerial lifting logistics.  On every lift, safety is our No.1 priority. A detailed risk analysis is always undertaken, and we work with the client’s health and safety team to ensure that every eventuality is covered, and that all risks are understood and mitigated.



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