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AGAR® PnP (Plug and Play)

BlueGen Water Stand: A10
  • AGAR® PnP (Plug and Play)
  • AGAR® PnP (Plug and Play)
  • AGAR® PnP (Plug and Play)
AGAR® PnP (Plug and Play) AGAR® PnP (Plug and Play) AGAR® PnP (Plug and Play)

The traditional approach to water and wastewater management and treatment is being challenged by water scarcity, sustainable development, groundwater pollution, climate change, urbanization, and increasing demands on resources. In many rural areas, connecting remote communities to large centralized WWTPs requires extensive pipelines infrastructure at significant capital investment. Decentralized WWTPs are a viable alternative, as they eliminate the need for laying long sewage pipes, reduce groundwater pollution from potential infiltration, and provide an alternative local water source for irrigation, cooling towers, and drinking water, lowering carbon and environmental footprints.

AGAR® PnP (Plug and Play) offers containerized units for small decentralized WWTPs based on AGAR® MBBR technology. The AGAR® PnP units are fully automated and can be shipped to any location worldwide. The units come in various process configurations, including MBBR-MC, MBBR-BNR, and tertiary treatment. AGAR® PnP units have a proprietary MC system for solids separation with minimal need for chemicals.

The AGAR® PnP units are easy to install and operate, and they have a fast recovery time. They are transportable and highly resistant to hydraulic and toxic shocks, making them ideal for various applications, including resorts, remote communities, rest areas, mines, green residential and office buildings, and marine vessels. The AGAR® PnP units are an off-the-shelf product with a short supply time to any location.



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