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Bacs Accredited Training

Who is it for?

Our popular one-day training course, Direct Debit Made Easy helps explain how to set up Direct Debits, how the Bacs cycle works and some of the key issues that can arise.

Ideal for organisations who are:

  • Collecting Direct Debit payments from their customers
  • Migrating customers from another legal entity
  • Experiencing high volumes of cancellations, indemnity claims or unpaid
  • Moving to Paperless Direct Debit

What does the course cover?

“Direct Debit Made Easy” covers the whole Direct Debit collection process, including:

  • The fundamentals of Direct Debit - Understand the benefits and safeguards of Direct Debit, including the Direct Debit Guarantee. How to set up new customers and how to get it right from the start.
  • Dealing with indemnity claims - Study how to handle and respond to indemnity claims – valid and invalid – including what information you need to support any counterclaims.
  • Paperless Direct Debit - Discover the advantages of Paperless Direct Debit and how to move your organisation to Paperless.
  • Understanding Bacs reports - Learn about the reports that Bacs automatically generates whenever there is a problem with a collection, and how you should respond. Covers unpaids, amendments, cancellations and more.
  • Bacs and how it relates to Direct Debit - Gain a comprehensive view of what Bacs is and how it works – including the all-important processing cycle.