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Bureau Service

Who is it for?

Our Bureau service is for larger organisations who already have, or plan to obtain a Service User Number (SUN) from Bacs.

It allows you to automate more of the process, optimising the speed and accuracy of your Direct Debit collections but removing the risk of managing it all yourself. We can tailor elements of the service to your needs.

Typically, you will need a turnover in excess of £1m a year to be granted your own SUN by your bank. If you meet the criteria we can help you apply for your SUN. 

How does it work?

With our Bureau service, SmartDebit simply completes your regular Bacs submissions on your behalf. You submit your files direct to Bacs through our systems (with no intervention from us) to ensure full compliance with Bacs processes.

Bacs reports are immediately available for you to view online and you can see the full audit trail making it easy to address any queries or claims. If there are any issues, we work with you to resolve them immediately to improve the process so they won’t reoccur next time.

We take care of issuing the mandatory Bacs notifications to your customers such as letter or emails to confirm set-up and collection information. These will be fully branded with your details and, it’s your Company name only that appears on your customers’ bank statements.

We also alert you to any changes in Bacs rules or processes so you can make sure you’re ready.

What’s included?

  • Automated Bacs submission via SmartDebit, plus AN option to submit Direct Debit files directly to Bacs
  • Full submission history helping you track exactly what has been collected, from whom and when
  • Real time bank account validation reducing the risk of errors
  • Exceptional security including token based data transfer so you don’t need to send customer bank details each time
  • Access to an online portal where you can submit or amend customer data, view Bacs reports and amend individual payments such as suspending a payment for a month
  • Branded and fully compliant sign-up form making it easy to register new Direct Debit customers online
  • SmartDebit API – allowing you to develop additional processes or elements to integrate with your finance systems
  • Comprehensive customer support through our online helpdesk and the Customer Service team


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