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  • Fits all diameters from 3” to 6” with a simple adjustment 
  • 20 tonnes of break-out force cracks a 6” main in minutes
  • Low cost compared with existing mechanical tools
  • Safe for use on inserted mains – controlled break out avoids damaging internal PE
  • Lightweight (15kg) and easy to handle
  • Set up takes moments – no need to enter the trench
  • Avoids the safety risks of using podger bars or sledge hammers
  • Minimum excavation required – needs only 75mm either side of the main
  • Ideal for Live Mains Insertion

The Crackerjack™, including the main cracking unit and the converter pump, weighs in at just 15kg, making it an easy lift for one person.

It is fitted with integral hose lines for air intake and hydraulic output. A two metre pneumatic hose is supplied to attach to the site compressor hose.

A further 20 metre extension airline hose reel is included with the kit which allows the Crackerjack™ to be operated up to 30 metres away from the compressor. The Crackerjack™ is highly robust to withstand rugged conditions on site and is designed to be relatively maintenance-free.