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Utility Week Live

Denso™ Mastics

Winn & Coales (Denso) Stand: G4
  • Denso™ Mastics
  • Denso™ Mastics
  • Denso™ Mastics
Denso™ Mastics Denso™ Mastics Denso™ Mastics

Denso™ Profiling Mastic and Densyl™ Mastic are cold-applied compounds used to contour irregular profiles before the application of petrolatum or bitumen tape wraps. Minimal surface preparation is required, usually requiring hand metal-brush cleaning followed by application of a suitable primer, before a smooth surface for wrapping is created with the chosen mastic. 

Winn & Coales also supply Densoseal 16A™: a self-supporting, non-setting mastic for sealing cable ducts and conduits against the ingress of gas or water.

Water, acid or salts from the environment do not affect Denso’s sealing and moulding mastics, plus they contain no VOC’s.



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