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Utility Week Live

Denso™ Petrolatum Tapes

Winn & Coales (Denso) Stand: G4

Based on petrolatum, Denso systems can be applied to above and below ground steelwork, jetty piles and marine structures. Minimal surface cleaning preparation is required. The systems can also be applied to damp and underwater structures and pipework, and are not affected by salt contaminants, water, acids or soil organics.

Denso™ Tape is suited for all types of pipe and is normally used in conjunction with Denso™ Priming Paste. 

For profiling flanges, couplings, valves and spigot joints there is a choice of either a standard Densyl™ Mastic or a light weight, low density Denso™ Profiling Mastic.

To complete the system, Denso™ PVC Self-Adhesive Tape or a Denso Bitumen tape provides an ideal outer protective armouring.



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