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Utility Week Live

Easy Integration: Safegrid Intelligent Grid System® interfacing with Hitachi Energy MicroSCADA X DMS600

Safegrid Stand: D26

Safegrid Intelligent Grid System™ REST API

Safegrid has developed a modern REST API interface from Safegrid’s Intelligent Grid SystemTM supporting push method to transfer fault locations to Hitachi’s DMS600. The fault locations can be used on DMS600 outage management as confirmed fault locations to advise dispatchers to do right supply restoration switchings and also on DMS600 FLIR as confirmed fault locations for fully automatic and rapid fault restoration processes. This feature will improve end user SAIDI and reduce operational costs.  

Hitachi Energy MicroSCADA X DMS600 Interface 

Safegrid Intelligent Grid System REST API feeds push notifications of analyzed network faults to DMS600 to be used on outage management and supply restoration as calculated fault locations. These fault locations are created on Safegrid Intelligent Grid System™ with fault location as WGS84 coordinates, fault type classification and time stamps included. Interface utilizes Safegrid REST API push method on HTTPS with XML data format, using secure connection, encryption and authentication between systems. Fault objects can be created, updated and removed easily in DMS600 or remotely by Safegrid Intelligent Grid System using REST API 


  • SAIDI reduction
  • Lowered operational costs
  • Streamlined user interface




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