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16 May 2018


The Elster A1120/1140 bespoke GPRS/GSM/SMS wireless modem allows access to remote data via the public mobile telephone networks. For maximum compatibility and ease of use the unit has been designed to operate like a normal modem. There is no need to understand additional GSM network specific operations. Even when operating in GPRS mode, once installed, it acts like a normal IP connection. To reduce transmission times, the Elster A1120/1140 bespoke GPRS/GSM/SMS wireless modem can be used in V110 mode making and receiving calls to and from hosts connected using ISDN or GSM rather than standard telephone modems. SMS AMR is also supported for NHH metering with programmable host, read interval and remote read requests all supported. A suitable antenna can be fitted to the unit’s flying lead or mounted remotely via an extension cable if required. Also internal PCB antenna option available. Naturally, the Elster A1120/A1140 bespoke GPRS/GSM/SMS wireless modem includes an intelligent watchdog to monitor the state of the wireless modem for instances such as brown out detection to maximise high reliability of operation