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Leica Pegasus TRK

Leica Geosystems part of Hexagon Stand: C6
  • Leica Pegasus TRK
  • Leica Pegasus TRK
  • Leica Pegasus TRK
Leica Pegasus TRK Leica Pegasus TRK Leica Pegasus TRK

Best-in-class colour truth - brought to life as it is in reality. Pegasus TRK features a SmartFusion ‘butterfly’ camera system with up to 120MP integral view. Boosted with addon front, side and rear pavement cameras, TRK is expandable with a click. The additional cameras multiply the resolution, creating data-rich imagery. Enhanced calibration delivers true colour imagery according to the CIEDE2000 colour-difference formula.

The sophisticated integration of IMU and SLAM technology in Pegasus TRK’s sensor architecture enables georeferencing in challenging GNSS denied environments. Precision RTK positioning gives location accuracy down to the centimetre, in real-time. Trajectory is improved when optical DMI accessories are installed on the back of the vehicle to measure the travel distance in GNSS challenging conditions accurately, avoiding traditional slip error of wheel-based DMI.

Fully integrated modular imaging system allows you to add more cameras for more angles, more detail and more possibilities. Automatic camera calibration simplifies and streamlines the system set up to expand and go. Collecting at up to eight frames per second, no details are missed. 



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