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Utility Week Live

Rapid Service Isolator

Steve Vick International Ltd Stand: H10

A new technique developed by Steve Vick International which
allows an operative to isolate a metallic low pressure service under ‘no gas’ conditions to enable the service to be safely cut and subsequently dead inserted with a new PE pipe.

Currently, the technique is available for low pressure services
(up to 75 mbar) with diameters from ¾” to 1¼”, but it is envisaged
that larger diameters will subsequently be added. We are
also currently designing a system to remove the sealant gas free to allow live service insertion.

This technique is designed as a safe alternative to the common
practice of isolating a live service by first wrapping it in grease-based tape and cutting through the tape and the service to minimise blow. By using a clamp with a gland and an inert sealant injected through a 5mm drilled hole, the Rapid Service Isolator provides a method of cutting the pipe in ‘no gas’ conditions, considerably reducing any risk to operatives from build-up
of gas in the trench.

Everything required to carry out Live Service Termination is included in the kit which is supplied in a fabric carrier. The sealant is purchased separately and comes in sealed cartridges marked with quantities required for each service diameter.


  • Safety - a safe method of cutting through live services in no gas conditions prior to dead
    insertion. The sealant used is inert which
    means no health/handling hazards.
  • Environmentally friendly - service can be
    isolated close to main to minimise excavation
    and part used cartridges can be re-used.
  • Speed - takes only a minute to drill the service
    (5mm hole) and no waiting time once sealant
    is injected - service can be cut immediately. The
    entire process takes less than three minutes.
  • Ease of use - easy-to use applicator gun for
    injecting sealant and the kit is compact and
  • Adaptable – modified jaw locking pliers fit all
    sizes in the range (¾” to 1¼”) and it can be
    used on bends, sockets and Top-tees.




Place your brand right in the heart of the multi-billion pound water, gas
and electricity sectors