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Utility Week Live
18 Mar 2024

Satelytics Constant Vigilence™ Suite of Algorithms

Satelytics Inc. Stand: K2
  • Satelytics Constant Vigilence™ Suite of Algorithms
  • Satelytics Constant Vigilence™ Suite of Algorithms
Satelytics Constant Vigilence™ Suite of Algorithms Satelytics Constant Vigilence™ Suite of Algorithms

Satelytics: What we do and how our software works. Satelytics is a cloud-based software suite that applies proprietary algorithms to multispectral imagery to yield identification, location, and measured concentrations of biological and chemical constituents. Our techniques apply big data analytics based on artificial intelligence and machine learning to synthesize data and focus on our clients’ areas of risk.

Industry segments that Satelytics focuses on include Oil and Gas, Water-Wastewater, Pipeline, and Power Utilities. These segments share a common set of challenges predicated on extensive infrastructure, inaccessible and geographically spread locations, and heavy regulations in government and the court of public opinion.

Agnostic to data platform, Satelytics can utilize satellites, drones, stratospheric balloons, airplanes, fixed cameras, or a combination of data sources. Significant advances in satellite platforms and computing make this data derivative more practical. 

Pinpointing the location and magnitude of problems is critical to minimizing cost, time, and operational disruption. The ability to constantly monitor an area of infrastructure provides control over the effectiveness of any corrective action. All this is possible irrespective of location.

Satelytics provides a variety of choices to represent the data and imagery in a form suited to the business process, which could be different for each department. Alerts and alarms can be delivered to your smartphone via an app, SMS text message, and email with a summary including location and alert levels. Alternatively, you may log in to see your data on the secure cloud using a browser with 24x7x365 access to imagery, data, charts, metadata, and analytics. The data is available to download and use in conjunction with other decision-making software or as vital input to reports.

Satelytics is acutely aware that our analysis and data, while a critical slice in the decision-making process, is not likely the sole data set to be used. Therefore, the data, imagery, and analytics may pass to and from other software applications with a comprehensive set of application programming interfaces within Satelytics.



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