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Utility Week Live
08 May 2018

Semmco LPS Training & Courses

Semmco’s Life Protection Systems HEAD Set range was created to protect individuals from irrespirable atmospheres during escape.

The revolutionary design of the HEAD products provide a safe and constant supply of oxygen so that the wearer can breathe and work or rescue personnel in a contaminated or potentially dangerous atmosphere whilst not carrying a bulky compressed air tank.

In addition to supplying our HEAD products we offer a full training service to our customers around both the safe use and long term care of the product.

Train the trainer

Is this a new product for your team? Is your training out of date? Do you have new staff? Do your colleagues still have confidence to use HEAD products? Have you had any user errors? For all of these reasons, we offer our ‘Train the Trainer’ course.

  • Max of 20 attendees
  • Head set is demonstrated so that donning, doffing, mechanics and maintenance are fully understood
  • Questions & Answer session
  • Become a certified trainer

What you need for your course

  • A minimum of 4 training sets including at least 2 alarm trainers
  • Classroom or suitable training space*
  • Projector *

*Semmco can arrange this for you if required

NB  All training courses are subject to the training engineer’s travel expenses which be quoted on request.

Training Products

We can supply our range of training hoods and alarm trainers for your courses either run by Semmco or for you to give training after attending one of our courses. We can also supply a hood replacement if your training equipment is damaged; we will replace the entire orange hood seen on the set in the bottom row left hand picture above. This service also includes replacement of the latex neck seal.

Part No.: 802.000.14    HEAD10 Training Set in yellow Bandolier/Carry Case                          

Part No.: 802.001.25    HEAD15 Training Set in blue Bandolier/Carry Case                                         

Part No.: 802.005.04    HEAD15 RPE/CSRE Training Set Hood Replacement                                       

Part No.: 802.001.08    HEAD15 RPE/CSRE Demo Unit in blue Bandolier/Carry Case                         

Part No.: 802.001.25    HEAD15 RPE/CSRE Training Set in blue Bandolier/Carry Case                            Part No.: 802.002.03    HEAD6 Training Set in yellow Bandolier/Carry Case                            

Part No.: 802.001.26    HEAD Alarm Trainer                                                                                       

Part No.: 000.800.01    Full Day HEAD15 RPE/CSRE Training Course                                     

Part No.: 000.800.05    Half Day HEAD 10/15/30/6 Training Course                                                   

Part No.: 000.800.01    Full Day HEAD10/15/30/6   Training Course                                                   

Revalidation and refurbishment on request                                                     






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