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Sewer Cleaning / Maintenance and Flow Management

McAllister Bros Limited Stand: K12
  • Sewer Cleaning / Maintenance and Flow Management
  • Sewer Cleaning / Maintenance and Flow Management
  • Sewer Cleaning / Maintenance and Flow Management
Sewer Cleaning / Maintenance and Flow Management Sewer Cleaning / Maintenance and Flow Management Sewer Cleaning / Maintenance and Flow Management

We offer a comprehensive range of services – from septic tank emptying to maintaining wastewater treatment works. Our services are on call for emergencies like:

  • Drain and Sewer Cleaning
  • Large Diameter sewer and culvert cleaning
  • Blocked sewer and drain cleaning services (fat, oil, grease (FOG) including others such as root and concrete removal)
  • Wastewater treatment works and large tank cleaning
  • Tanker services / flow management

Drain and Sewer Cleaning

What is drain and sewer cleaning?

Regular drain and sewer cleaning is essential to keeping your pipeline infrastructure working well. It extends the life of your drainage assets, reduces overall maintenance costs, and reduces the risk of blockages.

How we can help.

McAllister draws on 50 years’ experience and the very latest equipment to deliver a comprehensive drain and sewer cleaning service. We cater to every sector – construction, utility, industrial, commercial, and residential. Our cleaning equipment ranges from small jetting units for domestic applications to high-powered Jet-Vac rigs capable of delivering 120 gallons per minute at 2500 psi – essential for flushing out extensive sewer and drainage networks.

Our services includes:

  • rapid response teams
  • clearing blockages
  • cleaning spills
  • de-silting, de-greasing and root removal
  • sump cleaning
  • CCTV surveys
  • tankering services
  • wastewater treatment plant maintenance

Large Diameter Sewer and Culvert Cleaning

What is large diameter sewer and culvert cleaning?

Sewer systems deteriorate with age. These damaged pipelines often require full replacement – a costly proposition. It is vital that you maintain your pipe networks by regularly cleaning your pipes and culverts.

How we can help.

McAllister’s unique recycling cleaning units feature jets that can deliver 180 gallons per minute at 2200 psi. These units can remove large build-ups of silt from any pipeline or culvert – fast. Innovative technology like this allows us to work faster than anyone else.

Our recycling units never have to leave the site to refill their water tanks. Instead, they draw water from the sewer along with the debris. The sewerage is filtered out and the debris deposited in a waste tank. The filtered water is fed back into the jetting tank, allowing continuous operation. The dried debris can be loaded into a builder’s skip onsite.

Our full range of sewer and culvert cleaning services include:

  • high-pressure sewer and drain cleaning
  • fat and grease removal
  • root cutting with high pressure water jets
  • sewer network maintenance for water authorities, councils, and public sector bodies
  • planned maintenance contracts
  • 24-hour emergency call out
  • grease trap and interceptor emptying and maintenance
  • gully emptying and highway maintenance
  • large culvert cleaning using winch systems or man entry

Blocked Sewer and Cleaning Services

A blocked drain is a big headache. McAllister’s rapid and effective service is available 24 hours a day for total peace of mind.

What is blocked drain cleaning?

Blocked drains are not just an inconvenience – they are a serious problem that can cause long-term damage to pipes if not fixed quickly. We use powerful Jet-Vac units to remove even the most stubborn blockages.

What causes blocked drains?

Most drainage and sewerage systems are built to carry liquids and human waste. Anything else risks getting caught in the pipelines where it can collect other debris passing through. As we all know, prevention is the best cure. Stop blockages before they happen by ensuring these materials don’t go down the drain:

  • food waste – especially coffee grounds, tea leaves, fatty foods and grease
  • hair – install guards on your plugholes and clean them out regularly
  • soap – many soaps are made from fat and can interact with minerals in the water to create hard residue deposits known as ‘soap scum’. Consider switching to fat-free soap

How we can help.

McAllister’s drain unblocking service is available at all times of the day or night. We use the industry’s most powerful Jet-Vac units to ensure we can handle any challenge. Our engineers start by conducting a CCTV survey to locate and assess the blockage. They use high-power jets to remove the obstruction.

Flow Management

Managing flows to enable repairs or prevent flooding is a critical element to maintaining sewer and drainage systems.

What is flow management?

Flow management is the activity of diverting / isolating flows to allow works to be carried out. Flows can be managed by a number of activities such as:

  • Tankering
  • Overpumping
  • Stoppering

Each activity is designed to ensure health and safety protocols are followed, ensures that the sewer / drainage system is not compromised in anyway and no risk to the customer and/or the environment.

How we can help.


Providing planned and reactive tankering and flow management services to the largest UK water company is our business as usual with a modern fleet of 3000 and 4000k ltr tankers. Our tanker fleet operates a 24/7/365 and have technical support in place during that time to ensure the right capacity vehicles are in the right place at the right time. Tankers can quickly and easily be dispatch to any location in the highway and/or a pumping station to remove unwanted liquids to reduce or eliminate flow levels to prevent flooding or allow for isolation.


Overpumping is designed and bespoke to the capacity of the network with an additional safety facture allowing for pump downtime and/or extreme weather conditions. Overpumping is a section of pipework that diverts the sewer/drain flows away from the existing network, usually above ground, and discharges to another section of the network or further downstream. This allows for the diverted section then to worked on.


Temporarily stopping flows with the use of inflatable stoppers is an everyday occurrence with the work we do and is planned in accordance with our client standards and procedures. Most standards incorporate small diameter sewers and not larger trunk sewers. We have designed collaboratively with our supply chain a full proof product (LAMPE Stopper), system and process to isolate flows within trunk sewers upto 3000mm diameter. Rigorous testing, method statements and risk assessments are produced for each and every installation and due to the rigorous nature of our process we ore the only organisation within Thames Water that can provide isolations for sewer trunk mains.    



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