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Utility Week Live
20 Apr 2018

SmartDrive 360 Recording

SmartDrive® takes video-based safety to the next level. In addition
to having both road-facing and interior-facing cameras, you have the
option to deploy additional cameras - enabling a 360-degree view
of the vehicle and insight to the riskiest related driving performance,
such as U-turns, reversing, unsafe lane changes, unsafe merging and
close following – delivering an unprecedented level of coverage and
complete visibility to risk.

These extra eyes on the road and around the vehicle, provide
additional context for driving-related situations and ensure compliance
for work being done outside the vehicle.

360-Degree Video Insight
With 35% of collisions being side and rear incidents, enhanced
visibility down the sides of the vehicle provides insight to the situations
drivers face every day – ensuring maximum protection of your drivers
and your fleet assets. For those fleets facing mystery damage or theft,
additional cameras provide added protection when and where you
need it most.

Automatic Triggers. Automatic Downloads.
SmartDrive 360 is an optional service that enhances your visibility
into driving-related incidents, risk and compliance violations by
automatically providing you with video from additional cameras.
When a vehicle with SmartDrive 360 performs a risky manoeuvre,
video from up to nine cameras* can be captured and automatically
off-loaded from the event recorder – making that video available in
line with the standard SmartDrive safety service.

With SmartDrive 360, you have near-instant access to video,
providing quicker insight and more information, so you can resolve
issues quickly and keep your drivers and vehicles protected – and on
the road.

Enhanced Safety Through Extended Recording
Video-based safety systems do a great job of telling you what
happened when a high-impact event occurs. But, they don’t always
capture everything. That’s when SmartDrive® Extended Recording
can help.
In addition to ensuring that you never miss a driving incident,
Extended Recording ensures fleets gain additional pre and post event
insights to incidents and collisions. Now enhanced with solid state
drive technology to provide longer life, Extended Recording provides
you with added significant savings through additional exonerations,
resolving mystery-related damages, better-supported claims
investigations and improved adherence to non-driving operations.

Get the complete coverage your drivers deserve. Get SmartDrive
360 with Extended Recording.



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