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Utility Week Live
20 Apr 2018

SmartDrive Extended Recording

In addition to ensuring that you never miss a driving incident,
Extended Recording ensures you gain additional pre and post event
insights to incidents and collisions. SmartDrive’s newest state-of-theart
hardware architecture, SR4, now offers extended recording via a
solid state drive to provide longer life and more storage to support the
demands of 360-degree deployments.

SmartDrive Extended Recording continuously records video providing
valuable context - helping you understand a variety of different
situations not covered by the standard SmartDrive video
platform, including:

• Thefts
• Personal injury claims
• Driver compliance with company policy
• Non-driving situations, including deliveries and use of specialised equipment
• Minor accidents such as sideswipes that may not otherwise trigger the camera
• Attacks on a driver or other unruly behaviour
• Mirror strikes

SmartDrive Extended Recording, with unmatched video recording
capability, helps you capture and store an uninterrupted and
comprehensive picture of events that happen to your fleet vehicles and
drivers - whenever and wherever they occur.

Accurate and Sustaining View of What Actually Happens

Supports constant video coverage of fleet vehicles and behaviours of drivers and passengers while on the road. With up to 800 hours of recording, you get an actionable record of
events for your vehicles and drivers while the vehicle is in operation.
Protects your driver’s well-being and actions after an incident. Provides indisputable evidence of events surrounding, or in the vehicle; your not-at-fault drivers can be exonerated.
Shields your fleet from theft or unscrupulous insurance fraud. Security of an unattended vehicle is enhanced should the driver step away; quick assessment of what really happened can help reduce
insurance fraud and your liability.

Extended Recording Features

Up to 800 hours of continuous recording. You can choose from three different configurations - up to 512 GB - to support up to 800 hours of continuous recording, based on feeds from two video channels.
Multiple camera video capture. Extended Recording captures video from up to four cameras, providing valuable insight into what is occurring in and around the vehicle.
Order events. You can order Extended Recording episodes for a full day (24 hours). When the Extended Recording episodes are returned, each one is reviewed against our 75+ safety observations and scored according to your fleet’s risk profile.
Ignition off configurable. Extended Recording can be configured after the vehicle’s ignition is off, capturing incidents after driving is complete.



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