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Water Quality Interface

Technolog Stand: F4
  • Water Quality Interface
  • Water Quality Interface
Water Quality Interface Water Quality Interface

Easily interfaced to the RS485 input of a compatible Cello 4s, allowing multiple water quality parameters to be measured, recorded and transmitted over cellular networks.

Key features:

  • Battery powered, comprehensive water quality monitoring solution suitable for portable or permanent installation
  • Provides early warning of water quality issues, e.g. Chlorine depletion through the network
  • User exchangeable array of water quality sensors
  • Solenoid controlled flow reducing water sample volumes / runoff
  • Optional pressure and flow recording inputs
  • Data and threshold alarms transmitted over cellular networks
  • Easy to install in the distribution network e.g. to an existing hydrant
  • Recorded data aids in predicting burst events
  • Battery powered greater than 5+ years depending on mode of configuration
  • Protected against water ingress