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Utility Week Live
13 Apr 2018

Large Diameter Sewer Relining with HOBAS NC Line in Southern France

Built around the time of World War II in the middle of the 20th century, the structure of the old sewer had deteriorated considerably over the years, despite many renovations by means of shotcrete seal applications in the 80’s. In 2014, the complete renovation of the aged channel has therefore started to give it a second life!

The project was very challenging: The access and working area was very limited and required flexibility regarding deliveries as it is an urban area, the depth of the channel in some places is more than 100m, and the demands of building an efficient, corrosion-resistant system that will reliably last for at least half a century very ambitious. GRP experts from Amiblu came up with a solution that took everything into account: Easy to handle, light-weight non-circular pipes (HOBAS NC Line) with a high chemical resistance against hydrogen sulphide, excellent mechanical and hydraulic characteristics, and a very long lifetime. The Non-Circular pipes were perfectly tailored to the customer’s requirements and the technical specifications of the network.



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