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Utility Week Live

Opendatasoft : the all-in-one data experience platform

Opendatasoft Stand: C30

Opendatasoft's mission is to enable everyone to easily access and work with data, delivering data democratization. Our all-in-one data experience platform empowers your whole team to quickly create data experiences, accelerating wider data usage to generate value in your ecosystems. Powerful connectors and processors allow you to publish reusable data in a single place, in multiple languages. Create workspaces or experimentation areas with internal and external access, protected by complete security. Let users seamlessly search your data catalog through powerful filters and then quickly build visualizations, dashboards, reporting pages and data stories, enriching them to add depth. Finally, create memorable data experiences for all, from experts to consumers and citizens. Share experiences easily on apps, websites and through APIs. Opendatasoft is the essential data experience layer. Become a data-driven organization: increase operational efficiency & productivity and grow your revenues.



Place your brand right in the heart of the multi-billion pound water, gas
and electricity sectors