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01 Mar 2024

StratoStar Tower Light - 115,000 Lumens

Nightsearcher Ltd Stand: C4

StratoStar Tower Light - 115,000 Lumens

We are proud to introduce the StratoStar - a 115,000 Lumens Tower Floodlight designed to provide unparalleled visibility in the most challenging environments. Tailored to the specific needs of the policing and security services, the StratoStar offers a remarkable combination of brightness and coverage, ensuring that every critical operation is carried out with optimal visibility and precision.

- Rechargeable or AC mains powered, 115,000 Lumens
- Adjustable runtime 3-48 hours
- Light modes: High, medium, low and dimmable
- 360° lighting or adjusted to one direction
- 4m hand winch tripod with extendable tripod leg for use on uneven ground
- IP67 rated, robust, high-impact housing
- Power bank to charge your phone
- 1540Wh LifePO4 lithium battery
- LCD battery status indicators



Place your brand right in the heart of the multi-billion pound water, gas
and electricity sectors