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Andrew Schein

Andrew Schein

director of trials and analysis, Centre for Net Zero
Andrew is the Director of Trials and Analysis at Centre for Net Zero (CNZ). His team undertakes field trials and quasi-experimental analyses in collaboration with teams within the Octopus Energy Group and external partners. CNZ delivers pioneering research to make a fully sustainable energy system a reality. Specifically, the Trials and Analysis team's research focuses on intelligent demand, decentralised energy, and technology adoption, to drive better policy outcomes and more accurate energy system modelling. Prior to joining CNZ, Andrew worked at the Behavioural Insights Team, delivering service redesigns and evaluations in the energy and water sectors, including a meta-analysis of the impact of smart meters on energy consumption and a bill redesign with Affinity Water that Andrew's team evaluated via a field trial. He has also worked at Nesta, where he was the Lead Behavioural Scientist in the Sustainable Future mission; and Bulb, where he delivered projects in operations, customer communications, and green gas procurement.