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Jonathan Dennis

Jonathan Dennis

principal, RAPID and environmental planning, OFWAT
Jonathan is a Principal in the RAPID and Environmental Planning Directorate at Ofwat where he is leading the development of the water efficiency fund (WEF). The WEF is an exciting project with up to £100m available for AMP8 to help stimulate a transformative, sustained and measurable reduction in water demand nationally, using a range of water efficiency approaches. It's needed to help manage the risk of underachieving against the ambitions set in water company plans. After completing an Environmental Science degree at the University of East Anglia in 2004, Jonathan started his career as a scientist in the labs at Southern Water. He joined the Environment Agency in 2006 where he worked on a wide range of projects nationally, focusing on water efficiency, rainwater harvesting, greywater reuse and leakage management. After this he led the work to develop options for the reform of the abstraction management system. He then established and ran a refreshed programme to promote sustainable water abstraction, including work to revoke over 600 unused licences. In 2017, while on assignment, he led the development of the water abstraction plan in the Water Services team in Defra. Following this he led the development of the Environment Agency's Water Resources National Framework, published March 2020. After picking up work on risks to critical national infrastructure during the pandemic, Jonathan moved to RAPID to coordinate the development of regional water resources plans on assignment from the Environment Agency before moving to Ofwat to pick up work on water resources policy.