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Marzia Zafar

Marzia Zafar

Deputy director, data & digitalization, Ofgem
Marzia joined Ofgem in July 2022. Her current portfolio at Ofgem is to deliver on digitalization and decentralization of the energy system to ensure that visibility and flexibility can establish the reliability and resiliency needed for an energy system that will rely more and more on intermittent energy supply and prosumers to meet demand. Prior to this, Marzia was Director of Sustainability & Energy Policy at Kaluza Technologies, Director of Insights at the World Energy Council and Director of Strategic Planning for the California Public Utilities Commission. With over 25 years of experience in the energy sector, Marzia has worked through the deregulation of the California energy market and the ensuing energy crisis which led to a re-regulation of the market; she has worked internationally with governments from developing countries to advise on energy market design; she has worked in the UK energy sector for almost 6 years with a focus on energy system digitalisation to power the future net zero marketplace.