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Matt Walker

Matt Walker

strategic programmes manager, Anglian Water
Matt Walker - Strategic Programmes Manager, Anglian WaterAs a Strategic Programmes Manager at Anglian Water, I am fuelled by a deep passion for effecting positive change. With over 27 years of industry experience spanning operations and customer service, I spearhead transformative initiatives that help shape our organisation.Currently, my focus centres on orchestrating organisational changes for the operation of a ground-breaking integrated strategic interconnector. This initiative bridges the water-rich north to the more water-scarce south of the Anglian Water region, aiming to make a meaningful difference in our community.Among my proudest achievements is the successful replacement of Europe’s largest scanning radio telemetry system. Throughout my career, I've consistently demonstrated the ability to navigate challenges, from transitioning the business to a Non-Household market to delivering Anglian Water's website and App as part of a broader customer experience transformation program.I played a pivotal role in implementing Anglian Water’s Integrated Leakage and Pressure Management solution and led the successful implementation of SAP in the Water Recycling business unit. My operational background has instilled in me a profound passion for leveraging data and information to enhance decision-making processes.Dedicated to understanding the intersection of data and business capabilities, I explore ways in which linked information can contribute to the long-term success of our organisation.Beyond my professional life, I am a sports enthusiast, finding joy in playing racquet sports, cricket, and serving as a rugby union coach. These personal interests bring a team-oriented and human touch to my professional journey.