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Mike Everest

Mike Everest

MAP director, Metasphere Ltd
Mike has delivered data analytics solutions to the water sector for nearly 30 years. In April 2023 he joined Metasphere when they acquired Meniscus Systems Ltd, the company that he founded in 1997. Mike is responsible for delivering a range of smart analytics solutions focusing on optimising wastewater network performance, including spill prediction and blockage prevention, and the application of current and forecast rainfall for flood monitoring. All these are built using MAP, a generic real-time Big Data Analytics platform developed whilst at Meniscus, and now used to combine real-time radar rainfall and level data for thousands of sewer level sensors and CSOs.Since joining Metasphere they in turn have been acquired by the Danish pump manufacturer, Grundfos, so the role and the opportunity have become much more international.Prior to Meniscus, Mike set up a subsidiary of Anglian Water operating industrial wastewater treatment plant around the country. He also has five years of international experience with the Schlumberger Group of Companies working on oil rigs in the Far East and South Africa.He has a 1st Class Honours degree from Leeds University in Fuel & Energy Engineering, an MBA from Imperial College, and is a Chartered Engineer with the Institute of Energy.Mike Everest MBA, CEng, BSc. MAP DirectorMetasphere Ltd