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Utility Week Live
Neil Filkin

Neil Filkin

technical director, Conrad Energy
Conrad Energy is a leading UK energy company. We’re powering the move towards renewables through innovation and technology. We generate power to support the National Grid when renewables can’t meet demand and we buy, sell and manage energy for businesses nationally. With a portfolio including gas, batteries, solar, wind and hydrogen, our 85 sites, operational or in construction, have a potential to generate 945MW of power making us one of the leading flexible energy providers in the country. Optimised and operated using our market-leading software, iON+, we’re at the forefront of shaping a more efficient energy sector that is both reliable and sustainable.Neil is Technical Director at Conrad Energy, and a Deputy Chair of the Hydrogen Energy Association. He has 25 years’ experience successfully delivering change and innovation into operational environments across energy, engineering and manufacturing sectors. Formerly the Operations Director of Viridis Power, he has also worked for Infinis, Rolls-Royce and Philips. Neil holds a PhD from Cambridge University and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry.