Stewart Reid

Stewart Reid

Head of future networks, SSEN

Stewart has worked in the electricity industry since 1983 and has been involved in managing electricity networks across the UK, in a range of roles including: operations management, planning, policy, project management and asset management in the fields of IT and Power Engineering.  

He is a Fellow of the IET and a Chartered Engineer.

He is now the Head of Future Networks, within SSEN with the remit of adapting the business to deal with the challenges of de-carbonisation and introducing better ways of managing the electricity network, translating these new ideas into business as usual and managing the transition to Distribution System Operator (DSO) in a Digitised world.

Key elements of Stewart’s current role include the development and deployment of new technical and market based solutions utilising the principles of flexibility as an alternative to traditional asset based network development.   He is currently involved in the creation of SSENs  RIIO ED2 Submission.

Other areas of involvement include network monitoring, active network management, robotics, analytics, modelling, frequency responsive demand, embedded energy storage and activities associated with preparations for the large-scale electrification of transport and heat.

Within the Energy Networks Associations Stewart chairs the Energy Networks Associations Low Carbon Technologies Group.   He is also a member of the ENA Electricity Networks Futures Group and a member of the BEIS/Ofgem-Smart Systems Forum.