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Vania Milkova

Vania Milkova

flexibility delivery manager, Octopus Energy
Vania manages the delivery of DNO (Distribution Network Operator) Flexibility Services and overseas participation in the Capacity Market using domestic assets. These assets include home energy systems or devices that can be adjusted and optimised to aid in balancing the electricity grid and/or manage network constraints. This includes Behavioural Flexibility initiatives, such as the Power-ups program. Power-ups incentivises customers to increase their electricity usage during times of high local green electricity generation. This aids in balancing supply and demand on the grid and optimises the utilisation of renewable energy sources.In her position, Vania collaborates with customers, the distribution network operator, and other stakeholders to ensure that these flexibility services are utilised effectively. This may involve contract management, monitoring usage patterns, and developing strategies to maximise the benefits of these programs.